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May 8, 2016

The Attack of the Evil Star Wars Kite!

The Chihuahua is a bit over a year old, now. Her pups are coming up on seven months old.  Today, May 8, 2016, was their Day of Awakening!

When they dashed out the door to help the Lab defend our territory, they got only two steps into the breezeway before realizing that a dark, looming monster was hovering just outside the door!  It shivered in the breeze, spreading its bat-like wings and then flying into a looping frenzy, stalking these three stalwart defenders of the status-quo!

Immediately retreating to the inner Sanctum (the dining room) to regroup their number and re-plan the attack, these bold warriors began to notice things:  looking up, they found threatening creatures (ceiling fans) hovering INSIDE THE HOUSE!  –A wall calendar sneakily waved a page at them, from where it hung on the wall, pretending to belong!

The wind swept the attacking kite away before I got a picture of it for this post, and the other items have grown a bit more ordinary since their ring-leader departed.  But this, I understand, is Dog Bite Awareness Month, dealing with a subject almost as scary to me as an evil, attacking Star Wars kite is to them:  This is courtesy of my good friends at;