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Back in the Zone

October 1, 2012

Two wonderful and amazing things happened this weekend: the internet went down, and I threw away my outline for the novel I’m writing. Now, I can probably thank the rain for the downed internet. When I get frustrated trying to write (and it just doesn’t ‘feel right’), I often turn to the internet as a distraction. This weekend, I couldn’t do that. After a number of false starts, though, I was getting really frustrated, so I tossed the outline and just picked up the pencil, like I did in the ‘good old days’.

I am about to start on Chapter 4 of Part Two, and going well. Plus, the new version of Dragon works really well for getting text into the WP, so transcription is no longer a problem.

Aside from having the graphics messed up in IE (Internet Explorer), even surfing is more fun when I don’t overdo it.  I’ve been pointed toward the ‘group funding’ sites on the web, specifically Kickstarter, where proposals can receive pledges toward projects and receive full funding if enough people contribute.   In exchange, they receive a copy of the finished product or some other incentive.  In this case, I’ve designed a numbered ‘special edition’ to produce in hard cover for my personal autograph.  Since it will be limited to one printing, it may one day become something of value.  Otherwise, it will still be something few other people will have.

First, though, the writing must recommence!  It took a long time to find the right starting place.  I can’t wait to find out what happens, next…