So Much For TerraCom

Final update on my squabble with TerraCom:  You can’t reason with unreasonable people!

That’s it, in a nutshell.  I’ve had the same problems with AT&T, over the years, and more than a few banks and mail-order houses.  I continued to be very ill through most of the summer of 2015.  For a while, it looked as though my squabble with TerraCom was moot, since I seriously began to question if I would survive, anyway.  Attempts at physical therapy made matters worse, new tests resulted in my being told that everything I had been told in the past was not true (especially regarding the severe attacks they called ‘strokes’ — one of which left me deaf in my right ear) — but, no diagnosis of WHY I was ill!

And, TerraCom remained a royal, additional pain in the backside.  No amount of reasoning, negotiating or pleading produced any result other than that I continued to be assessed ‘fees and penalties’ for my efforts.

My search for another phone provider (AT&T will not provide land line only, at any price;  it sells only a line/internet package as the minimum) proved unfruitful.  My physical therapist noticed that my right leg appeared shorter than the left one.

Next trip to the neurologist was to test the nerve conduction to my feet.  Tests from my ankles all the way to my buttocks showed complete transmission of induced impulses.  I told them about my ‘short’ leg, and as a matter of curiosity, they moved the leads upward.  At the L4 vertebrae, the signal ceased getting through.  “I think we’ve found your problem.”

Then there was a squabble with insurance about which spinal surgeon I should see.  The ones who had seen me in 2012 were close by.  They had told me that all they could find was a ‘little bit’ of arthritis.  They did not say WHERE they found it, so I assumed they meant it was where I was feeling the pain.  –At any rate, one of their shots worked, for a lot shorter time than they promised, the other procedure did not help at all, and I ended up worse than I started.

I ended up going to Tulsa, about the same distance I would have gone to the one recommended at first, and a week later I had an outpatient procedure to reduce the deposits in my spine that were damaging the nerve bundle there.  I went under, and 45 minutes later, I could FEEL MY FEET!

That was in August.  The next day, I noticed that the Chihuahua pup looked like she was in season (yay! (Sarcastic ‘yay!’)  — She was too young, but at least I could move a bit better, with the brace.)  Able to be outside for a change, I tried to keep a close eye on her and spoke to a neighbor, who directed me to

October was a busy month.  I wrote the final check to TerraCom, adding to the ‘memo’ line:  final ripoff!  I welcomed three male puppies into the household, two chihuahuas and one ‘chi-chi-weenie-hua’ (that’s three parts chihuahua and one part Dachshund.)   I was able to walk without the back brace, but using the walking frame, and physical therapy recommenced, this time successfully.  For the first time in years, the inversion table was productive, and I began to get the itch to write… …

Someone posted on Facebook that November is NaNoWriMo.  I knew I would never be able to write 50,000 words in the month.  But, what, really, did I have to lose?  I think I ended up with 5,000 words.  But I also made some contacts that have changed everything!

More next time… …


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