It has been a while since I posted in WordPress.  I had to take a tour and look at all the improvements and new goodies — great job, Guys!  I’ve been sick, gotten better, worked hard on a small office space for solitude and convenience, and gotten sick and better again.  Work on the room is stalled due to bad weather and lack of help.

About the only thing I haven’t done is write on the book.   I don’t worry about it.  I ended Part I in a place I hadn’t intended to go, and as a result the characters have to grow a bit to fit the new circumstances.  When I get back to it, it will be better.

I was just visiting with a Canadian friend on Facebook, this morning.  She has chronic Lyme Disease, a condition hard to treat that leaves her allergic to most conventional medications and procedures, that she has been going to a naturopath for.  The ‘authorities’ are closing down such providers of these treatments, without offering the victims an alternative to the slow, painful deaths they can expect from this condition.  A recent rally among the sufferers went unnoticed, she tells me, and since she can not afford to travel to the US for her treatments (that the Powers That Be will probably attack here, next), she only foresees a short, gloomy future for herself and the family she will be leaving.

If I were a few years younger, and/or had more resources, I would travel to Canada to do an investigative piece on this travesty.  Big ‘if’.  My question here is, is there anybody out there who might help her get the word out about this?



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  1. Sadie Henry Says:

    I don’t know how wide spread it wil go but why not use Facebook to get the word out and investigate the problem, I am sure she is not the only one with thatt problem or similar situations. would it hurt to try?


    • vampirewars Says:

      Thanks, Sadie. It seems beurocracy is much the same the world over. The resoundng voice of the people was, ‘let us make our own choices!’ The beurocracy moved and told us we were not qualified. The ones they consider to BE qualified are the ones who, a hundred years ago, were using leaches to cure consumption, washing infants in dog urine, and drumming Louis Paster out of their ranks…


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