I am dictating this directly into Open Office Writer through Via Voice by IBM. The combination of this software, the voice recognition from IBM, and the new computer facilitate this much better than the Via Voice by IBM combined with Microsoft Works on an old P3or even Word on the new 64 dual core.

I will need to learn how to think and talk instead of writing it out long hand. Even then, the typing goes much faster with VR. I have trouble picturing a person sitting across from me. I’m sure if I can get that one down, I can start to dictate more fluidly and fluently. Actually, even as I spoke about it, I improved my ability to think like I would in a conversation.

I really enjoy most of the characters in the book Riders. Even the “bad guys” have redeeming characteristics, it seems. I sometimes feel like real jerk causing bad things to happen to them. Then on the other hand, they seemed to do it to themselves at times. One does wonder.

The move to the new computer has really set me back time-wise. Now that I can dictate, though, it seems the delay has been worth it. I need to cut this short, since I work my ‘day job’ tonight. I shall try to get entered into the computer what I have done so far in Part Two before then. Even with the few corrections I still must make, the job is longer onerous.

The thing spells pretty good too.


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