Taming the Beast

Publishing a book consists of a million small details requiring choices and decisions: What should the cover art look like? How much author bio is appropriate? Use a photo or not? Publish in hard cover, paperback, electronic or combination? DIY or contract it out?

What kind of glue will work best, for the cost?

I usually have to wait for the paperback of releases I want, for economic reasons. E-books have not proven more feasible money-wise, but I like the storage benefits. There is still nothing quite like the feel of a quality hard bound volume in the hands. One choice is easy: release in all versions at once, so everyone has a chance at it.

You can help with the final decision about the artwork: The banner of this blog is the rough sketch. There are now two votes that I use it for the cover because the charcoal draft looks primitive, like cave art. Do you think I should produce a finished version in acrylics, or leave it as is? Cast your vote in ‘comments.’ Whether it ultimately graces my cover or not, I will probably produce finished artwork. For myself, I like framed memorabilia of my efforts.

I am considering a limited edition hard cover volume. The books would be numbered, autographed, and shipped first come, first served. Be advised that volume # 1 is already spoken for. A little extra incentive to order early…

The page format is under way. Part One is polished and complete, and makes a good test project. Final decision will be whether to print out of the word processor, or turn the text into .pdf files.

I found a laser printer that fit my budget, at the sacrifice of some conveniences and time savers. Right now, money is more precious than time. We are conducting ongoing searches for paper, trimmers, cover materials, etc. Should I go fabric or glossy for the hard cover? How about a bookmark?

What should we call our publishing company? Any suggestions? This series is Vampire
Wars, but my autobiographical fairy tale was “Hope of the Five Kingdoms,” a “People of the Light” novel. The protagonists are called ‘the Folk.’ “People of the Light” is already taken as a web site. Whatever we choose, it will need such a site to promote this and future publications.

Use the comments feature of the blog to share your suggestions. I need all the help I can get…


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4 Responses to “Taming the Beast”

  1. Jim Says:

    The banner is good but doesn’t show what they are doing. I think a rough work is good but should have a little more detail. Where they are, are they crossing river, what they are carrying? All rough of course – no detail detail. Also are they just men/warriors,family?


  2. vampirewars Says:

    Thanks, Jim. These are all the questions I wanted you to ask, because this is what the story will tell you. My ‘first reader’ said, “That’s exactly how I pictured it,” which is why I used the rough charcoal drawing instead of finished artwork. In fact, once I saw it on an actual cover (there are now five copies of the ‘teaser’ circulating) I liked it even more, and am preparing to frame the original, as-is. If you would like one of the soft-bound teasers, I’d be happy to mail it to you.

    Humbly, Aunt Katy


  3. Shamus Says:

    I like the style of the banner to be honest. It reminds me of a cover of The Hobbit I had once where the picture of Smaug is rough and charcoal like.


    • vampirewars Says:

      Thanks, Shamus. I agree so much I’m working on a way to stamp it in gold leaf for a hard cover.
      Aunt Katy


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